REALTORS Join Coalition to Pass patent Litigation Reform

Author: National Association of REALTORS
Date: Jan 20, 2015

On January 15, NAR announced it joined the United for Patent Reform coalition to pursue comprehensive solutions to abusive patent litigation.  The Coalition consists of a diverse group of American businesses from across a wide range of industries-technology, retail, hotels, grocers, restaurants and construction.
Patent reform is crucial to REALTORS as the real estate industry is more and more dependent on the use of information technology and software products to market properties and manage their businesses.  Frivolous patent infringement lawsuits for REALTOR everyday business practices, such as using scanner-copier and adding user-friendly online search features to their website, are impacting REALTORS and causing them to divert resources away from offering new features or investment in  technologies that enhance the real estate experience.
As a part of its commitment to curbing patent abuses, the United for Patent Reform coalition sent a letter to Congress outlining seven legislative reforms it supports:
  • Reform Abusive Demand Letters
  • Make Trolls Explain Their Claims Protect Innocent Customers
  • Make Patent Litigation More Efficient
  • Stop Discovery Abuses
  • Make Abusive Trolls Pay
  • Provide Less Expensive Alternatives

NAR, along with the United for Patent Reform coalition, will continue to advocate for common sense patent litigation reform that fosters innovation and investment while benefiting the entire American economy.