File a Complaint

REALTORS® strive to make every transaction a good experience for all involved. As professionals, our members subscribe to the highest Code of Ethics in our trade.

2017 California Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual

When that occasional dispute does arise, REALTOR® members have agreed to cooperate in a grievance process that allows all the parties involved to present their case and defense.

Disciplinary Complaints for NSCAR are filed with our Local Association Professional Standards Administrator. She will provide the complainant with the forms necessary to file their complaint or arbitration request. As a Local Association Professional Standards Administrator, She is a neutral third party to the action and her role is to ensure that the paperwork is processed in a timely and accurate manner. She cannot advise you on how to complete your form but you can obtain advice from another REALTOR® member or an attorney.

Filed Complaints go to the Grievance Committee who acts like a “grand jury” in that they take the Complaint at face value and treat it as if it is 100% truth. Their job is to determine based on the facts presented in the Complaint if there could be a violation of our Code of Ethics.

If based on the Complainant’s statements and documentation the Grievance Committee finds that an Article in the Code of Ethics may have been violated, they will refer the Complaint to the Professional Standards Panel for a hearing. At this time, the Respondent(s) will be notified that a Complaint has been filed and have a chance to file a Response and present Respondent’s side of the events at the hearing. If the Grievance Committee finds based on the facts submitted by the Complainant that no violation of the Code of Ethics has taken place, only the Complainant will be notified and the Respondent will never know a Complaint was filed.

We hope that you never have to file a Complaint, but in the event that you do, the necessary forms are enclosed or attached. If you need further information, please contact NSCAR. Complaints must be filed within one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days after the facts constituting the matter could have been known in the exercise of reasonable diligence.

Return the NSCAR Complaint Form along with your statement marked along with your statement marked Complaint Form along with your statement marked along with your statement marked “Exhibit 1” of the facts and circumstances supporting the allegation(s) to:

Nancy Meyer, Executive Officer
Northern Solano County Association of REALTORS®
3690 Hilborn Road, Fairfield, CA 94534

Please keep a copy of all documentation sent to NSCAR